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Lots of pony stuff, lots of NSFW stuff
Queen of Pop!
A quick bonus wallpaper thing for Maud! Trying to get back into drawing again, and I love her so this happened :) 
twixie commission :)
another live stream thingmissing warm weather :’(
surprise stream!!

I know it’s late, but hopefully some of you can keep me company? :)

I’ll being drawing a SWF pinkie pie 

from my stream :) happy halloween

Live stream at 4:00

Gonna be livestreaming maybe some ponies and princesses and whatever else
Just to draw and chat with people :) I’m really excited
So it’ll be in about 4 hours and I’ll put up the link just before I start

Would her name still have been Granny Smith when she was young?
Something from my sketch book
Sorry for the bad quality, but that’s what I get for using a partially broken iPhone camera :(